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NJ Electrical Exam Prep course / NJ Electrical Contractor C.E.U.'s

Welcome to our web site.

The Electrical Contractor Exam Prep Course is held twice per year during September and Feburary. The exam is administered by PSI and there are several testing centers to choose from throughout the State. Once you are approved by the Board Of Examiners of Electrical contractors in Newark NJ you can schedule your exam online at or by phone at (800) 733-9267.

Our continuing education program for the March 31, 2024 renewal period starts in October of 2022 and will continue until April 1st 2024. Classes can be viewed by clicking on the schedule page. All our C.E.U classes will continue to have either two or three instructors;  Bob, Donald, and Tom. 

 In an effort to continue to provide quality C.E.U. courses we encourage everyone to submit ideas for new continuing education subjects .

Please visit the schedule page for more information.

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If you have any interesting / funny pictures related to electric, please send them to us. 

Got an IDEA for new topic ?  Email us, we are always looking for new ideas on course topics.






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